Royce Publications, Inc.

Company Description

"I’m Michael McBeath, President of Royce Publications, Inc. Our company has been in business for over 25 years, creating and producing Calendars, Posters, Drug Awareness Books and Departmental Banners, for Sheriff, Police and Fire Departments as well as High Schools across the Southeastern United States. Let me share with you how we can generate additional income for your department and heighten community awareness for your organization. I believe you will discover how financially beneficial working with our company can be for you.

My staff and I will handle everything for you, including solicitation, collection, and production at absolutely NO COST to you. Your organization will receive a guaranteed portion of the proceeds which will be determined at the beginning of the project. We will provide you with first class service, and our approach is always courteous and professional. My employees have been trained to avoid high-pressure solicitation. You can be assured that Royce Publications is an organization totally committed to the highest levels of integrity and customer satisfaction.

I look forward to an opportunity to discuss with you the benefits of becoming a Royce Publications client."


Badges, IDs, Promo Accessories

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