Company Description
STRACK, INC. is a Supplier of PPE, Law Enforcement Equipment, Emergency Response Equipment, EOD and Tactical Gear.

We have three main business activities:

1) We are a gear sales company.  We offer products from only the leading manufacturers of law enforcement and emergency response products.  We visit Federal and State & Local Agencies to demonstrate gear to develop requirements with end users.

2) We are a provider of a wide range of PPE products to agencies of all types.

3) We consult for gear manufacturers as an independent representative.  We do this by demonstrating their gear at the same appointments that we make for our sales calls.  While doing this we gather information and promote brand awareness.


Police Tactical Gear

  • Police Tactical Gear

Safety & Security

  • Safety & Security

Uniforms & Accessories

  • Uniforms & Accessories

Weapon Storage

  • Weapon Storage