Amchar Wholesale, Inc.

Company Description
As one of the top five Glock Law Enforcement Distributors in the USA, AmChar is committed in bringing you the highest quality Firearms, Ammunition, and Supplies. AmChar also provides exceptional customer service before and after the sale to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Contractors and Suppliers

  • Lighting/Lighting Suppliers

Safety & Security

  • Safety & Security

Fired Brass Recycling

  • Fired Brass Recycling


  • Ammunition

Body Armor / Personal Protective Equipment

  • Body Armor / Personal Protective Equipment


  • Firearms

Less Lethal

  • Less Lethal


  • Miscellaneous

Police Duty Gear

  • Police Duty Gear

Police Tactical Gear

  • Police Tactical Gear

Targets / Target Systems

  • Targets / Target Systems

Uniforms & Accessories

  • Uniforms & Accessories

Military Surplus

  • Military Surplus

Tactical Clothing & Gear

  • Tactical Clothing & Gear