Company Spotlight

Ballistics IQ (BIQ) provides Instant Crime Gun Intel.  Time is of the essence when conducting firearms-related investigations and Ballistics IQ can drastically increase efficiency with their three-step approach to solving firearms related incidents.

1.  Immediately following an incident, scan fired cartridge cases with the portable BIQ scanning device and upload to the BIQ investigative portal. Within minutes you will receive a Crime Scene Analysis (CSA) Triage report. The report groups the case(s) by number of unique firearms involved and identifies the best cartridge case(s) for entry into NIBIN.

2.  Want to to see if your shooting is associated with any other incidents in the system?  Submit your CSA report to their Rapid Ballistics team for review.  The team of seasoned Firearms Examiners will review the report and search the BIQ investigative portal to look for links between this shooting and any others in the system.  You will received a report showing any links between shooting incidents, on average within 4 hours!  This is instant, actionable intel.  You will also be notified if there are no connections to other shooting incidents.

3.  Need your two shooting incidents confirmed for court purposes?  With their Confirmatory Services, you can submit the two actual fired cartridge cases to one of the examiners and they will review under a comparison microscope and provide you a peer-reviewed, court-ready report within 7 days.  They will also be available to testify in court on their findings as an expert witness.

From crime scene to courtroom, Evidence IQ is your ballistics solution.